A Not Boring Japanese Adventure

We like weird. We like history. We like whiskey. We like adventure. Just two strange ducks celebrating our love in beautiful places.


  • Hokkaido

    Hokkaido is a beautiful place filled with bountiful Sakura, snow and amazingly peculiar inventions such as self-opening toilet seats. Hokkaido is extremely picturesque with sights designed to amaze, perfect for road trips with your loved ones.

  • Tohoku

    Tohoku is a countryside filled with rustic onsen towns, deep winters covered in thick layers of snow that is embellished by the country’s most spectacular Matsuri’s (festival). Despite its many charm points, Tohoku is one of the least visited regions hence making it one of the best places to explore.

  • Kanto

    Kanto is one of the most densely populated region in Japan. It is considered the cultural, political and economic heart of the country. Kanto too celebrates a plethora of popular festivals throughout the year.

  • Chubu

    The Chubu regions offers varying climates and landscapes whereby during winter, sports such as skiing and snowboarding are possible in Nagano, Niigata and Gifu, the 3 prefectures that comprises the Japan Alps.

  • Kinki

    The Kinki region is commonly known as the Kansai region has existed for approximately 1500 years to which travellers are able to experience the spirituality, history and culture of Japan. This includes historic buildings such as temples and shrines, Maiko and traditional cuisines.

  • Kyushu

    Kyushu is the volcanic island located south of Japan which encompasses breath-taking waterfalls, beautiful coastlines and many towns renowned for its volcanic hot springs.


Not for the faint of heart, our goal is to experience the most delicious of food served in the most extravagant and creative way possible.


From Vampire cafes to meeting the legendary Godzilla in all its head glory, we've got all of your inspired attraction needs in one spot.


Seek these weird and wacky hotels for those who refuse to end their adventurous day on a normal note. It is recommended to book in advance to ensure no one misses out.

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